Hotel 3* Le Grand Pavois

Room service petits plats


What's on the menu?

Petits Plats 'Meunier'

Discover the different top of the range dishes available at the Hotel Le Grand Pavois. For starter, you have a choice of vegetable soups prepared with mineral water.

To follow, you have the choice between fresh pasta or you may choose the real Basque-style farm chicken, the excellent veal ragout served with glazed vegetables or the renowned boeuf bourguignon stew with potatoes. For dessert, why not opting for the delicious baba and cannelé cake or the renowned crêpes Suzette?

The menu "Les petits plats"

Soup with mineral water

  • Velvet-smooth pumpkin
  • Famous vegetable soup
  • Fine cream of fresh tomato soup

Fresh pasta

  • Delicious provençal tuna lasagne
  • Agenerous portion of fresh tortellini with Mediterranean vegetable
  • Tasty fresh tortellini with mild chorizo
  • Succulent semi-circles of salmon with cream of chives.


  • Real Basque-style farm chicken
  • Authentic Alsace sauerkraut with garnish
  • Superb veal ragout served with glazed vegetables
  • The not-to-be missed boeuf Bourguignon stew with potatoes


  • The perfect pairing of baba and cannel cake
  • Exotic pineapple soup
  • Delightful crêpes Suzette
  • Dainty raspberry charlotte
  • The sweetness of Manon with pear and chocolate



How does it work ?

  • Choose your dishes on the menu at the hotel reception and by phone

  • Pick up your "petits plats" at the bar and enjoy them in your room

The advantages

  • Dishes available : 24h/24

  • Rapidity : Fast preparation time
  • Quality : The steamed technic of cooking allows to maintain the nutritive qualities
  • Nutrition : Healthy meals




Meunier Engagement :

We force all our services to pass quality, hygiene and security controls 3 to 5 times superior compared to the averages rules. 100% of our meats are certified french. We apply a true tracability control to all the ingredients we use in our recipes. This full transparency is proof of the expertise of the family Meunier since five generations, and shows the respect and the quality we aspire to deliver in the dishes you savour every day.